Top 6 Games Like Covet Fashion In 2020

games like covet fashion

The popularity of dress up games for girls is growing rapidly and also getting positive reviews from gamers. Plenty of games are out there, but you can’t find anything much better than Covet Fashion.

It is a trending game that is all about dressing up in style. The cool features and interesting gameplay elements are making it more addictive. You can complete your look by choosing the best clothing pieces and accessories.

If you are in love with dressing games, then you should look for other games like covet fashion. You can easily get a variety of dressing games on your on-device app store.

Know all about the dressing games and then choose the one to get started.  Download the game from Google play store or Apple app store and then complete the sign-up process. After this, you can explore its various features and gameplay elements to have unlimited fun.

Make sure you know the basics of the games in order to play them with perfection. Whether you are playing covet fashion or other dress up games, you shouldn’t skip the tutorial. Complete the tutorial and learn the art of playing the game in an effective manner. Do check out covet fashion hack and cheats for beginners.

List of Similar Games like Covet Fashion

Who doesn’t love to play fashion games? If you are also a fashion freak, then you may fall in love with the interesting gameplay of cover fashion. It is not a single game that you can play to show your creativity.

Many other fashion games are waiting for you this year. Here, we are going to mention the top best games like cover fashion that you can play in 2020-

  1. Lady Popular

Lady popular is the top best dress up games for girls that allow you to jump into the fashion arena to compete against other players. When you begin to play this game, then you should purchase different clothes and accessories from the store. You can also alter your looks in the salon, which will help to develop your popularity.

In addition to this, you can also customize your apartment as well as care for your pet. You should do a job to unlock the opportunity of earning extra money as well as experience. Keep making efforts, and it will help you to achieve a better position as well as ranking in the game.

  1. IMVU

IMVU is also an addictive game that you can play in your free time to flavor up your game experience. It is one of the games like covet fashion, where you can either play for free or get a VIP subscription.

You should create your own content in order to work as a creator. After this, you can sell the same through the shop to make money.

This platform also offers chat features for players that you should never ignore. Players over 18 can play this game and chat with others to make new friends. It is also known as a social platform where you can make friends and chat with them to make your relationships stronger.

  1. Style Me Girl

Well, Style me girl is a freemium game that can be downloaded from your on-device app store. The game offers a large amount of free content that can make your game experience interesting and enjoyable.

While playing this game, you don’t need to make purchases, and still, you can enjoy the interesting gameplay.

In order to create the perfect photoshoot, you can use plenty of accessories. After this, you can also make other efforts to being a top stylist in New York City. After making progress, you can unlock new content and explore the same to have thrilling game experience.

  1. Fashion Story

Fashion story is one of the top best fashion games, which are all about the latest clothing trends and designs. In this game, you will manage your own clothing boutique that will allow you to set up your own trends. You should also try to build up your boutique into a thriving fashion business.

If you are looking for fashion games like covet fashion, then it is hard to ignore the name of the fashion story.

Many missions and objectives are waiting for you. By completing these tasks and missions, you can achieve your progress. You can also do many other activities to double your fun. Keep enjoying the gameplay without getting stressed, and it will definitely help you to win.

  1. Fashion Star Boutique

It is one of the amazing mobile games like covet fashion based on fashion. It allows you to follow the story of your fashion star journey. In this game, you will run a boutique where you can design clothes, choose styles for your customers, and also get inspirations from the latest fashion trends.

Keep designing the fashion and sell the same to your clients for making money.

In addition to this, it will also help to earn experience. Players can also unlock the high profile clients after making progress throughout the story of the game. Always try to mix and match the different options in order to deliver different combinations to your clients to maximize your earnings.

  1. Teen Vogue Me Girl

Teen Vogue Me Girl is a mixture of fashion as well as an internship that offers amazing gameplay elements. While playing this game, you play the role of an intern at the popular teen vogue magazine. Players need to fulfill different assignments like other dress up games.

Take part in the cover shoots, red carpet events as well as other events to prove your skills.

Keep playing the game like a pro, and it will help you to achieve a better position. In this way, you can also succeed and get better scores.


Beginners can easily play any dress up game like a pro after knowing the basics.

They should also manage their funds in the games based on fashion. With the help of funds, they can get the best clothing and accessories to customization the look of characters and to complete other tasks. Choose any of the above fashion games in order to show your creativity and skills.

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