Game of Thrones Conquest Hack And Cheats For Unlimited Free Gold in 2020

game of thrones conquest hack

GOT Cheats For Beginners

Game of Thrones Conquest is the epic fantasy strategy game by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. If you are playing the game for the very first time, then believe me this game is not your cup of a tea.

If you want to become a master in this game, then you must have to invest lots of times and efforts. Game of Thrones Conquest cheats, and the hack will also play a vital role in playing the game efficiently.

If you apply the positive efforts from the beginning of the game then definitely you will get the fruitful results. Well, most of the players will feel the game challenging and boring in the intermediate levels as they have to make hard efforts to collect the different resources of the game.

This is the MMORPG game, so in this game, you have to power up your great dragons, rule your armed forces, join the alliances and get ready for the war to defeat the new territories.

The game of thrones conquest is introduced as the eighth season of the game of thrones, and it is difficult to learn the things in any new titled game.

Here in this article, we are telling you about how to hack the game of thrones conquest and GOT conquest hack that will guide you to go further in this game.

You have to adopt some of the skilful game of thrones conquest hack once you reach to the specific level in this game.

If you are new to the game of thrones conquest and scared of the game techniques then no need to worry; because here in this article, we are providing you with the list of the game of thrones conquest hack and cheats that will help you to become a perfect game player.

List Of Top 11 Game of Thrones Conquest Cheats & Hack

1. Using Coins Skillfully is Very Important

Being a hardcore player, you must know how to use the resources to go further in the game. Coins are one of the rare resources, and you must know this game of thrones conquest hack to utilize your coins skillfully.

In the beginning, you will get the specific number of coins and after this, if you want to earn the coins, then you have to level up in the game. Collecting coins is not an easy task while playing on the challenging levels, so utilize them cleverly because you can earn coins only after levelling up in the game.

If you can’t wait to earn the coins, then there is one more game of thrones conquest cheats and, i.e. solving quests. You can complete these quests to receive a handsome amount of coins.

2. Daily Login Bonus

Daily login bonuses are one of the simple game of thrones conquest cheats from all over this list to grab the excellent amount bonuses.

Whether you play the game or not it really doesn’t matter but make sure you will not forget to log in to the game because it helps you to earn some freebies.

The daily login bonus has the 7-day cycle which means the daily rewards will get better than the previous one and if you forget to log in to the game, then this cycle will shift to the day one bonus.

You can earn more attractive rewards if you play the game regularly for a week hence be a regular player and earn the rewards like never before.

  1. Know Your Troops Better to Make maximum loot

Well, making use of this game of thrones hack will help you to make maximum loot in this game. If you are utilizing the maximum of your time for playing this game, then you will automatically get enough experience to choose the troops that will help you to grab a huge amount of loot.

While selecting the troops, you must try to concentrate on the rare and powerful military forces. As long as you keep on progressing in the game, you will get success for unlocking the new types of troops. Train these troops as soon as you unlock them before sending them to fight to defeat the rivals.

You can even earn the food and other in-game resources by tapping on the gather button on your game screen.

4. If Peace Shield Is Available The Make Sure To Use Them

Generally, the peace shields for the game like a game of thrones will have the timer for 24-48 hours, but in this game, it only protects your territory for 8 hours only.

Using peace shield is one of the useful game of thrones conquest cheats because while using this peace shield, no any of the rivals can attack your territory by marching for doing loot of your reserved resources.

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You will get the peace shields as a reward as you level up in the game but don’t use them if there is no requirement. Make sure you will use this game of thrones conquest hack whenever you are planning to attack the aimed players’ territory that has much more resources and troops strength as compare to you.

Peace shields are the protection covers that protect you against the enemies that are stronger than you and save you from the defeat.

5. Join Allegiance (Alliance) for More Attractive Rewards

You are a warhead and restring the city, and you might need the support of your friends called Allegiance, i.e. alliance. This is the useful game of thrones conquest hack that helps you to discuss with other player friends that will give you a suggestion for progressing in the game.

Joining the Allegiance will help you to design the different strategies, to participate in the rallies, and chit chat on the game difficulties.

If you are searching a game of thrones conquest hack that will help you to earn the gold for free, then this must be useful because you can claim 200 gold as the rewards for joining the Allegiance.

While joining the alliance always focus on joining the group that has the regular player. Do not enter the alliance that has players who play the game once a while.

For joining the alliance, tap on the red button that can be seen on the right side of the bottom menu. Whenever you plan to defeat the huge and strong city, then it is safe to team up with the alliance members of your alliance group.

6. Give Training To Rare Troops

If you are playing in the early stages of the game, then there is no need to use this game of thrones conquest cheats, but if you are on the advance level, then this trick will help you to survive in the game.

You can unlock the rare troops as you go up in the game and training then is the centre of attention while playing on the challenging levels to grab the victory on these levels.

If you fight against the enemies that have trained military forces, then there is a chance of defeat in the game. Hence don’t forget to train your troops simultaneously along with the progress in the game.

7. Solve the Quests

Quests are the set of tasks and solving these quests are the best game of thrones conquest hack that helps you to earn the resources.

Quests include the task-related with the game like training the army, building the farm etc. if you solve these set of quest then you will get some good rewards, and it also helps you to level up in the game.

In the early stages of the game, these quests will be assigned to you regularly. Solving these quests will help you to understand the game in a fun way. If you want to grab the massive rewards then make sure you will use this one of the ultimate game of thrones conquest cheats.

8. Claim the Rewards on Right Time

Claiming the bonuses on right time is a useful game of thrones conquest hack if you want to hide your rewards from the other players of the game.

While claiming the rewards have patience and wait for the right time to claim the rewards. Always keep on trying to stock up the resources and gold in your farms. Through this way, you can keep safe your rewards from the players who are planning to attack your territory for loot.

This game of thrones conquest cheats would help you to utilize these stock of rewards if your territory went through the massive damage so that you can heal up with the army and other losses you bear

during the battle.

9. Improve Sawmills & Farms

If you are looking for the game of thrones conquest hack that helps you to enhance the rate of your production through sawmill and farms then improving them is one of the better option that can be adopted during the gameplay. If you strengthen your farms, then you can grow the food from the farms and sawmill.

10. Take a Look at Game Store

The game store is the place where you can get surprising deals and taking advantages of these deals is one of the great game of thrones conquest cheats that will help you to collect the maximum resource in minimum expenses.

These deals may also help you to grab GOT conquest unlimited gold for a specific time period. Hence try to visit the store regularly to take benefit of some of the epic discount offers.

11. Stock Up The Gear

Stocking up the gears is the useful game of thrones conquest hack that helps you to survive in the game. You must have a stock of all types of weapons to survive in the game. If you keep the gear armed with all the required weapons, then you can win the dangerous battle against the powerful enemies.

Hence try to generate the balanced armed forces and keep upgrading them regularly that makes your game more enjoyable!

What is the Truth Behind Game of Thrones Conquest Mod Apk & Coins Generator?

GOT conquest mod and coins generators are some of the unlawful apps that promote the illegal game of thrones hack apk that may spoil your gameplay.

Many websites on the internet attract the players by promising them to give unlimited resources, and if you try to use such resources, then they will ask for your game details.

I as a result of this strictly suggest you not to provide such information to unlawful apps because they might use this information to hack your game.

Generators and modded versions ask players to do some of the useless tasks and also try to miss use the information provided by you.

Disclaimer: The Only way to get the “Unlimited” resource in the game is to purchase them by spending real money. There are no methods through which you can collect the resources that can be used for lifelong in the game.


Finally, we are winding up with the list of game of thrones conquest cheats and hack that will help you to be a perfectionist in the game.

Do you think the article was helpful? Do you have any suggestions? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay tuned with use for more details. Till the Goodbye!


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