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Episode Choose Your Story Hacks

Have you ever thought about a story in your mind which you want to make it happen and see the results? Well, Episode is just another way to fulfill your wishes. This is not just a story mobile game.

This game is beyond the expectations that will give you a completely different feeling. Here you can enjoy creating different kinds of stories as per your wishes, and you can also enjoy the stories made by the other gamers by using several episode hacks.

In this guide, we are going to tell you several episode cheats and tricks that will surely be going to make your games even more exciting and easy.

Episode Choose Your Story Hack Cheats Get Free Passes Gems

1. Download The Game

This Episode Choose your story hack is to download the game first into your android or an apple device. The game is available for both and android and apple devices and is completely free. There are several in-app purchases in the game, which you can use later for making your game even more interesting by using the following episode cheats.

This episode hack is to ensure that you will get the free access of the game, and you start playing the stories as soon as you finish installing it. Several stories will be presented in front of you from which you can choose the ones you want to play first.

2. The Beginning

The unique thing about Episode chooses your story is that your entire game depends upon the choices you made at the beginning of the game. This episode hack is to choose the first step of your game carefully. When you enter the game, you will be given several options of genres like mystery, crime, romance, thrillers, and many more.

The Episode Cheats is to choose among the various genres and start playing your story. As soon as you are done selecting the genre you want, a description will be given to you about the story, and here you will have to choose the first step of your story. Any choices you make will directly affect the climax of the story. To make better choices in the game, read all the Episode choose your story cheats.

3. Connect With Social Media

Episode chose your story is what everyone dreams about. Everyone has stories and ideas that you wish to have chosen in your real life. Here in this game, you will have full control of the decisions and actions you are going to choose. You can change your virtual life how you want using these simple episode hacks.

To enjoy the game to the fullest, you need to earn gems and coins in the game. This episode cheats will help you make coins and gems by merely connecting your game to your social media accounts. To get free gems on Episode, all you need to do is connect your game to Facebook, and several gems will be added directly to your account.

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Other than that, there will be events, quizzes, and other activities that will happen on the social sites and that ill going to get you free episode passes and gems. Don’t forget to play these events and quizzes to earn unlimited episode cheats.

4. Don’t Forget The Events

Events are the most crucial part of the Episode game hack. Playing only stories will never be enough for you to earn coins and gems. Your episode hacks are to play the events as much as possible, as these are the ones that will help you win big rewards.

To get free episode passes and gems, all you need to do is participate in all kinds of events, whether they are daily, monthly, or occasionally. These events contain numerous rewards for you, which can help you reach the highest scores. The rewards may include coins, gems, passes, and many more things that you cannot earn without episode free passes hack.

This episode hack is to play maximum events in the games and to earn the maximum amount of events to make more and more rewards. Some of you might end up searching for things like how to hack Episode and Episode game hack, which is a complete no from ours. Going with these choices will only make you fall in trouble as all of these are non-legitimate sites that will only ruin your online privacy.

5. Take More Daily Challenges

For those looking for sources of earning gems and passes, this Episode cheats is going to help you a lot. Many of you have a habit of neglecting the daily challenges in the game as they offer a very small amount of rewards sometimes. But this episode hack is never to make this mistake again.

If you, too, are looking for how to get free passes and gems on Episode, then start taking all the daily challenges of the game. The game offers a daily challenge for its users, which can be the easiest and constant source of earning gems and passes.

The biggest benefit of playing these daily challenges is that these can be your regular source to get free gems on Episode. If you cannot earn anything daily, then these are the ones that will surely get you to earn coins and gems. Above all that, you can also get to earn some big amount of gems and passes using this episode cheats.

6. Customize Your Avatar

Episode chooses your story is a fun game. A person once addicted can never get bored of it. There are several features in the game that will keep yourself hooked to the game.  A lot of features, a lot of events, and a lot of customization’s are the center of attractions of the game. These Episode Cheats is to tell you about the most interesting part of the game that will help you earn gems and passes by doing fun only.

Here you can choose the way your avatar looks. You can completely customize your avatar the way you want. In the game, you can choose the hairstyles, make-up, dress, accessories, and everything for your avatar. You can give them a look you like for them, and the better they look, the better will be the free Episode passes.

But don’t forget, to get something, you will have to pay for something. To get more gems and passes by using this episode cheats, you need first to invest some gems and passes for your avatar to give them a look you want. The better the prices, the better will be the costumes and accessories.

7. Keep Grinding

This Episode Hack is for the users who are struggling to cross the levels after a certain point. If you want to earn high rewards and clear more levels, knowing your game first is the most important episode hacks. If you are short of money and not ready for the higher levels, then the best thing you can do is keep grinding.

We are mentioning this trick here because this simple and easy trick can help you earn numerous rewards, and you will get a better idea of playing the game. All you need to do here is keep playing the levels again and again, and you will be halfway there.

Playing a level again and again will help you know the game and the strategies better than playing once. This Episode passes cheat will also keep earning money regularly without losing the levels because of the poor understating of the game.

Always remember that this is a storyline game, and every small step of yours will directly affect the climax of your story. Always choose the paths that get you closer to the endings the way you want by using the episode cheats.

Are Episode Gems Generators The Right Option?

Everyone wants to have an easy game without even worrying about the coins and gems. Due to which a lot of people end up falling into websites offering generators and episode gems hack. Falling into the trap of these fraudsters can be your biggest mistake as these websites are a scam running for the sake of stealing people’s online details and using them for their non-legitimate purposes.

Final Words

Episode Choose your story is a very fun and interactive game that people love because of is a great feature. Here we have listed above the best episode cheats and episode hacks that will help you play the game easily.

If you are a true gamer, then you know how good it feels to play the game legitimately. Playing it the legitimate ways might make it slow sometimes. But you will enjoy all the little details about the game this way. All we want to say is to not search around things like how to get diamonds on Episode and how to get free passes and gems on Episode.

Enjoy this amazing game of stories using the aforementioned episode hacks where you can make all your wishes come true, where you can take all the decisions the way you want by giving your avatar a customized look!!

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