Dragon Ball Legends Hack: Top 12 Cheats for Unlimited Free Crystals

dragon ball legends hack

Dragon Ball Legends is a treat to all the android and iOS users who are in search of RPG games that has the essence of real anime battles in a perfect way.

This game will be entertaining if you play this game by applying real dragon ball legends hack and cheat that helps you to go further in the game and enhance your gaming experience.

How to Hack Dragon Ball Legends Using Free Unlimited Crystals Generator

Getting dragon ball legends unlimited free crystals are very simple, You just need to follow the steps mentioned below to get started and earn free resources in DB Legends.

  1. Tap On the Generator button mentioned above
  2. Enter your details and number of cystals you want to generate in db legends.
  3. Tap on the Generate button and complete the final step of verification.
  4. Once Verified, Login back to db legends to claim your free rewards instantly.

This is how you hack into dragon ball legends for unlimited free crystals.

Introduction to Dragon Ball Legends Game

In this game you will play as a new Saiyan also called as Shallot who has the aim to construct the massive team of sparking, extreme or hero Saiyans for collecting the crystals and Zeni.

There are various types of currencies in the game out of which you crystals are the primary currency. All kinds of in-game currencies are important for playing the game efficiently.

Dragon ball legend is the fighting game, so there are real-time battles against the DB fans from the globe. Hence focus on making your character powerful and crush the competition.

In this game, you can play with all the new characters that are designed by Akira Toriyama. Enjoy the all new thrills with Goku along with lots of new characters of the game.

Here in this character, we are giving information about how to hack dragon ball legends by using simple tips and tricks that makes your game more adventurous.

List of Top 12 Dragon Ball Legends Hack & Cheats to Earn Free Unlimited Crystals

1. Summoning Is Important

If you are looking for one of the great dragon ball legends cheats that help you t unlock the new character then there is no any method is as good as summoning.

Summoning is the gacha style randomized drop technique for which you need Chrono crystals a primary currency of the game to unseal any of the game’s character.

Sadly, you cannot pick the character of your choice from the franchise; for doing this, you must be lucky enough for striking with the good summon.

Every day you play the game you will be given a one-off discount on the first summon, by dropping the price of 20 crystals. Make sure you will take the benefit of this discount or else you have to pay 100 crystals for each summons. Hence this DBZ hack is useful for enhancing your Gameplay.

2. Participate in Events

Events are the set of tasks that have to be performed in a specific period of time. Game developers always try to organise the events for all the players from all over the world so that they can earn the unique event currency that can be used to unlock the new characters.

Make sure to use one of the excellent dragon ball legends cheats because the rewards for 1st-time completion and the rewards for completing event missions are different from each other.

These time-limited events also help you to collect the tiny amount of Z power for unique character that you are using in the events.

These events have straightforward tasks, for example, use a specific character 10 times in the particular battle, hence be sure you will look out the list and try to unlock as many as you can at once to save the energy by using this one of the great dragon ball legends cheats.

3. Complete the Mission

Missions are the tasks assigned to the player regularly and completing these missions is one of the brilliant dragon ball legends cheats to collect the mission points.

Once you enter the game, you will see the daily mission tab on the game screen, and by tapping this icon, the to-do list will be displayed, go through this list and complete all the missions regularly.

Mission Points will be rewarded upon completion of a mission. Hence use this dragon ball legends hack to acquire enough mission points to raise your z level, scoring you an item reward.

4. Level Up

Levelling up is one of the great dragon ball cheats that will help you to raise your XP and also helps you to earn some of the other in-game currencies.

Levelling up will also help you to get an expert in the Gameplay so that you can get victory on challenging levels and earn massive rewards.

5. Daily Login Bonuses

Daily login bonus is one of the common and useful dragon ball legends cheats to win some of the exclusive rewards regularly.

You can get complete 1000 pf under beginner’s log in bonus feature of the game if you continue with login for 7 days. If you are new to this game, then make sure to use this handy dragon ball legends hack regularly for 7 days to grab the rewards.

The daily login bonuses will get better from the previous day and also different from each other. In daily bonus rewards, you can get prizes like rising souls that can be utilized for enhancing equipments and also used for unsealing the boost panels that are required for making your character stronger than ever before.

Daily login bonus gives you a liberty to choose the freebies for next day that you want to use in your Gameplay. Zeni coins play a vital role in improving the equipments and characters. You can use skip tickets to skip the CCs and story battles that you don’t want to play. If you are a game of thrones fans then do checkout our game of thrones conquest hack which is available at thestoryofa.com

If you are seriously thinking about to unlock the more fighters, then make sure you will choose CCs for the next daily login bonus.

This dragon ball legends hack will help you to earn more Chrono crystals or CCS that means you can summon more characters.

6. Don’t Forget to Collect Bug and Maintenance Rewards

Collecting the rewards for bug and maintenance is one of the exclusive dragon ball legends hack to obtain some of the crystals and other in-game resources.

For collecting these rewards go to the present section and claim these rewards before the expiry date. You can claim these rewards within 30 days from the time of its receiving.

There is also a chance to get some CCs if some error causes, maintenance delays or bugs. Hence don’t forget to take benefit of this one of the wonderful dragon ball legends cheats.

7. Finish the Beginner Missions

Beginner mission are one of the useful dragon ball legends cheats that help you to grab 5-10 CCs for completing it.

Missions are the set of the tasks that you have to be complete if you want to receive the rewards prescribed for it.

The rewards for completing these missions will include, crystals, Z tickets for level up, rising souls and Zeni. These tasks may consist of reaching to the particular level of certain games, wearing equipments and many others.

8. Complete the Chapters in First Attempt

If you are looking for a dragon ball legends hack that will help you to collect maximum Chrono crystals then try to complete the story chapters in your very first attempt.

Usually, you will get the crystals for completing the story chapters but if you want to claim the first-time rewards then make sure you will finish the chapter in the first attempt only.

If you succeed in finishing the chapter in your first attempt, then you can earn up to 10 Chrono crystals and some of the other exclusive stuff like rising souls. Hence use this one of the great dragon ball legends cheats for making maximum crystals on finishing chapters.

9. Finish the Campaigns before Deadline

Finishing the campaigns is one of the important dragon ball legends cheats because these campaigns help you to collect some good amount of Chrono crystals. You can see the new campaign message popping up on the upper side of your game screen.

For Instance: there is a campaign called “Many Thanks” that will give you a chance to collect 2000 Chrono crystals. But it has a deadline, and if you succeeded in finishing the campaign of 55 missions within the given period, then the reward will be credited to your game account. Hence don’t forget to use these exclusive dragon legends hack for the Chrono crystals.

10. Take Advantage of Game Store Deals

If you want the maximum resources in minimum spending, then visit the game store because this is the only dragon ball legends hack that will help you in this.

The game store is the place where you can deal with some of the epic discount offers so that you can take benefit of it by spending less and purchase more.

11. Get the Proper Knowledge about Character Types and Rarity Levels

While playing any of the battles, you must have a good knowledge of character type and rarity levels because each and every character is linked with specific class type and rarity level.

This is one of the useful dragon ball legends cheats if you want to get the victory in every battle. Four class types are there, i.e. Melee, Ranged, Defence and Support and on the other hand, there are three rarity levels, i.e. Hero, Extreme and Sparking.

12. Connect With Facebook

Playing battle games like dragon ball legends always gives you a thrilling experience but playing such games with friends will take your gaming experience to the next level.

If you want to play the game with friends then connecting the game with Facebook is one of the best dragon ball legends cheats that will allow you to become friends with other players from the globe.

If you link the game with Facebook, then you can invite your friends for participating in the friend’s battles and earn the massive rewards by co-coordinating each other.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk and Generators: The Truth

Modded Versions and the dragon ball legends generators are illegal apps that attract the players by providing them illegal ways to collect the Chrono crystals and other in-game resources.

If you try to make use of such dragon ball legends hack apk, then your game might get hacked. Such hack tools promise the players to give them free dragon ball legends unlimited crystals, but

If you try to use such tools then they will ask you to provide game details, name, email-id etc. and providing such information to these illegal websites may harm your game.

Hence stay away from the illegal practices and enhance your gaming experience by using the legal DBZ cheats provided by us. To know more about how it work, you may find one such sample tool above for your educational purpose. Do not try it. That is placed there only for you to know how it works.

Disclaimer: The only way to get “Unlimited” crystals is to purchase them by spending real money. There are no such ways through which you can get the resources that can be used for long life.


Do you have any other Dragon ball legends hack and cheats for the other players then feel free to share with us in the below comment box.

Stay tuned for more details because there is lot more stuff is on its way. Till the be a Warrior!

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