Covet Fashion Hack Cheats Generates Unlimited Free Diamonds Cash in 2020

covet fashion hack

Covet Fashion Cheats

Covet Fashion is one such game that I have been playing since its developer Crowdstar owned it. Later the Company has been taken over by Glu mobile, and still, I continued to play. Even I found that I am not alone who is glued together with the game. Indeed, there are other 600K players are with me in this Fashion Journey.

Covet Fashion is all about designing through the world’s most famous brands. All the material available in the store are done through real-life designers, and you can use them in the game if you follow some Covet Fashion Hack or Cheats mentioned here you will be able to earn unlimited free diamonds and cash in covet fashion game latest in 2020, Without spending a dime.

Before getting started with earning free in game currency in covet fashion, We must know about them. So lets have a look at the currencies and their usages.

Top 6 Covet Fashion Hack And Cheats to Get Unlimited Free Cash & Diamond

1. Welcome Bonus

Many players ignore the primary value of the Welcome Kit that is awarded to you for free. But believe me, as I started playing the game, soon I realized that the welcome bonus is the seed fund for my venture in the game. Instead of spending that, I used that as my capital and raised the numbers gradually through using Covet Fashion Cheats.

As a welcome bonus, you will receive 125 diamonds, 5000 dollars, and 1200 diamonds. Primarily these 125 tickets will allow you to enter into five challenges in the beginning.

2. Take Part In Challenges

  • Covet Fashion Early Challenges

The game is all about designing, and you have to use your best to create a masterpiece. There are various challenges available in the game, and you can take part in each of them if you have the tickets.

Now the Covet Fashion Hack that I suggest for all the beginners is to take part in challenges with your available resources. At the outset, it is not easy to have the best of the items to design your supermodel.

But the benefit of taking part in the Competition is the entry rewards. You will get 100-500 dollars soon after you submit the design. Using this as Covet Fashion Cheats, I gained most of the dollars to buy my first dress from the store.

  • Daily Challenges

As I specified about the early day’s challenges, the same comes for the daily challenges. Even after reaching a higher level, also I never miss the daily challenges. I do so for receiving the 500 dollars as a reward.

Even though I don’t feel like playing to create some extraordinary, I still submit the daily challenge design and receive 500 dollars.

But at the same time, there are some Covet Fashion Cheats from the developers. Some of the daily challenges require you to use the items from a specific brand.  Unless you buy them, you cannot use them.

The best way to take part in these designs is to borrow items. How to hire and from where you borrow? You will get all the answers in this article for Covet Fashion Cheats.

  • Series Challenge

While you are in search of Covet Fashion hack for getting Cash and diamonds to purchase from a shop, I have something interesting. I use some modes as Covet Fashion Cheats to get these items free as rewards.

When you get apparels directly from the developers, then your need for Cash is less, and the series challenge is one such model that fulfills this idea.

Gradually as you reach a medium level, Series challenges are awarded to you as a designer for some special events. The majority of these designs are based on a theme, and you must stick to the specific requirements.

  • Jet Set Challenges

After you have designed six of your masterpieces, Jet Set Challenges are made available to you. You will be creating for a path of the best Fashion hubs in the world. You might think that the Fashion week of Paris might be your assignment, and you will get the opportunity to design for the Divas and collect Covet Fashion unlimited money.

I cannot assure you unlimited money, but the chance to design for Fashion Week at Paris is available in Covet Fashion jet Set Challenge.

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Jet Set challenges give you some points for your designs, and based on that, new levels are unlocked. You can choose to redesign your current look and resubmit again.

The best Covet Fashion hack for this mode is to design as many times as you can as the entry tickets are as low as 15 per entry.

3. Get Cash From Friends

Most people do not understand the use of the social media account appropriately in Games. Among the multiple benefits, the Covet cheats that suit me is to find a friend and get help when you need it.

The next cheat I am going to unveil is related to friends. The game gives you a thousand dollars from each of your friends, and you can send them as well. The Covet Fashion hack to get the Cash for free is to have multiple accounts of your own.

If you are a game buff, then you must have some secret accounts exclusively used for gaming purposes. Use them and get the Cash. The more you have, the more you get. So, create an account and send Cash to your primary account when you need some. Your search for Covet Fashion unlimited cash will end through this trick.

4. Log In Regularly & Collect Diamond

Daily login is the easiest Covet Fashion Hack known to many. But I must mention that to complete my list for beginners. When I start playing any new game, even though I don’t find something interesting, I still continue for a couple of days in the hope that some exciting rewards might come and attract me.

Covet Fashion gives you 100 diamonds daily and refills your complete ticket quota of 100 tickets as you log in the very next day. So how to use it as Covet Fashion Cheats to play.

In the previous section, we have specified the usage of multiple accounts. If you log in these accounts once daily, you will keep on collecting the diamonds. I know you cannot send diamonds to your primary account. But you can give dresses to your primary account.

So when you need to shop anything, use Diamonds from your secondary account and shop there. Borrow the dress from your friend and use it in your own styling. I believe this method is suitable to answer how to unlock everything on Covet Fashion.

5. Watch a Video & Earn Free Diamonds

When you can get some diamonds free watching only thirty-second ad, you must not ignore it. Watching ads is boring, but they are effective in getting the lucrative ten diamonds.

However, something that I mention is this Covet Fashion hack is not available to play with mod apk. Using these kinds of Covet Fashion hack apk file is not safe, and I never advise to use them. But before I advise you something, I have tested these mod apk files on my own with added protection against malware. A real-time experience from me is All Covet Fashion MOD APK is fake.

6. Win the Competition And Get Diamonds

Winning a five star in Competition is my ultimate Covet Fashion hack, and there are few tips that I followed while I have received it a couple of times. Firstly, it is the hardest reward to get from the developers but achievable.

If you get 4.5 stars in the game, you can win 25 diamonds easily. But I am talking about the whooping 5000 diamonds that I could manage to win a few times through Covet Fashion cheat. Be honest about your design skills and grab the seasonal and new worn bonuses to secure some additional points.

Know The Game Currencies of of Covet Fashion

Now as you know how to earn unlimited free in game currencies in covet fashion, Now lets find out more about them, let me familiarize you with Tickets, Cash, and Diamonds, which are essential elements in every sphere of Covet Fashion.

  • Cash

Covet Fashion is a game of designing your model with world-class branded apparel, Jewelleries shoes, and many more. It is an excellent portrayal of the real-time designed dresses through a game. You can get access to all these branded stores through the payment of their prices- of course, in virtual money.

The Cash is the in-game currency, therefore essential to have. Through unlimited cash, you can get all these items in your shop section.

To know how to get these items, you must use Covet Fashion Cheats.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are stronger currency in Covet Fashion than Cash, and it has immense power to get all the items you need to play.

If you know the Covet hacks to get diamonds, you can collect a lot of Diamonds. But I can ensure that there is a simple way to get Covet Fashion Unlimited Diamonds. If you want to be the richest in Diamonds, the only way is to give your entire income to the developer.

  • Tickets

If you have already played the game, you know what for the Ticket is required. Covet Fashion tickets are the entry fee for any designing competition.

You can take part in these competitions if you own the right amount of tickets. But the best thing is I admire Crowdstar since they have provided the most straightforward Covet Fashion hack to get these items.

Read along to know how to get tickets in Covet Fashion.

Best Covet Fashion Cheats to Get Free Tickets in The Game

  • Vote & Collect a Ticket

We had mentioned above that the Covet Fashion Cheats to receive Ticket has already been present in the game. The path is tedious but easy to get. You can collect tickets in two ways.

Daily the total number of Tickets is filled up to the maximum, and that is done without any pack or cost. You need not spend any money to avail of these Covet hacks.

However, what if you exhaust all the given free tickets? All you need to do is go to the voting section and vote for other people’s designs. Your five votes for the design will allow you two tickets for free.

In voting, you will be given two preferences, and you need to select one that you feel better than others. There is no limit to voting, and you can use these Covet cheats to fill in the ticket slots easily. So, if you have total hundred slots of tickets, you need to cast 250 votes.

Many people vote simply to collect the Ticket. But I suggest you provide an honest vote since the same applies to your design also. Your designs are also voted by others, and your star rating is affected. There are no Covet Fashion cheats that actually work to affect your rating except some honest votes.

Final Words

Through this post above, I have been trying to share with you all my collection of Covet Fashion cheats, which you can use frequently. But the one thing that I could not provide you is the designing skill.

You should have that skill inherent to create and, most importantly, enjoy the game. Yours aspire to have a footprint in fashion design will bring the game close to your heart. Be unique, keep an eye on details, and never forget to use Covet Fashion hack to carry on your journey.


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