A list of thoughts that come to me because I am sober now.

black and white photo of a black person with hand to chin in a thinking pose

Photo by tyler gebhart on Unsplash

So I’ve recently been diagnosed with fatty liver disease (not sure if it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic) so I can’t drink anymore. Which means that I am sober pretty much 100% of the time. Which leads to thoughts like:

Why are contemporary philosophers assuming that sex is bad and must be redeemed?

How do we reconcile Kantian ethics of treating people as ends in themselves while doing kinky shit?

Why is Michael Levin such an asshole?

Can I finish Final Fantasy XII without teleporting anywhere (except maybe Bhujerba)?


If I write my kink theory as a series of posts, will I be able to put them in a book later?

What if I want philosophy training now? I mean I already have two BAs, and I really can’t get a third unless I become independently wealthy?

I haven’t hair hair this long in 15 years WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO WITH IT?

I really want a drink.


I don’t have enough unread books (I’d say 50+) and I need to go to the used bookstore to buy more.


I shall update you on further thoughts as they come.

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