Sorry people, I was really super sick for about a week. But I’m back!


Well hello there lemmings,

I know, I know, the blog was literally silent last week. Not a good way to start a big project, is it? Since I want this blog to take off and be a big important blog and all. And I couldn’t even post on it.

Because I was sick.

Like, really really sick.

Like I couldn’t leave the house for about a week for fear of a) spreading the disease on and b) not being close enough to a bathroom when I need to. (You don’t want the details. Trust me.)

I’ve never been that sick while living alone. (I don’t remember being that sick ever, really.) I’ve always lived with people before. Either with my mom or boyfriends or roommates. But last week was pretty much the epitome of “I live alone. For real. Nobody’s going to make me soup today.”

Well, my cat was here, cuddling me and giving me purring healing sessions, but she can’t make me soup. I still had to get up and feed her.

But in my alone-ness, my voluntary exile from society, I realized how important and powerful friendship is.

I had two friends, including E., come to bring me things to eat. And E. graciously took me to the hospital on Thursday night when I started freaking out and wondering if I was gonna die. (I wasn’t.)

Friends through thick and thin

Despite the fact that he doesn’t live with me, E. felt it his duty to care for me as much as possible. Plenty of friends offered their help as well, and many more would have offered had I actually asked (which I didn’t.) Last week, I realized that friendship was more important–and more powerful–than romantic relationships.

Romantic relationships come and go; they bind and break, and people once so close you couldn’t separate them physically end up never speaking again. Friendship is more… elastic.

Friendship allows for disagreements and long periods apart. Friendship, in a sense, is more unconditional than romantic relationships, if only in that we can more easily forgive friends than we do lovers. It’s easy to break up with lovers, but breaking up with friends is a totally different proposition.

To get to my point: friends were my saving grace during my illness. I couldn’t count on exes, or on (non-existent) lovers. But I can always count on my friends, and that’s, I think, the most important lesson I’ve learned. Aside from not getting sick. (Don’t get sick if you can avoid it. Gosh, it’s terrible.)

Value your friends. Tell them you love them. Help them when you can. Ask for their help when you need it. Don’t let stupid stuff get in the way. Because your friendships will last longer than many, many of your sexual or romantic relationships.

Good advice? Helpful information? Thank me with a coffee!