Looking for great map art? Love Vancouver? I have just the right thing for you.

In certain circles, I am know as the girl who hates Vancouver. I mean, it’s a beautiful city, but gosh you don’t really want to live there unless you’re a millionaire.

But still, I’ve been up on interviews on the CBC talking about the housing and job problems in Vancouver, and people still find my post, all those years later. I like being in Vancouver, but living there? Nah. I like my quiet but bustling Victoria, with my friends, the ocean, and more accessible activities and housing.

So I was a little bit surprised when I was contacted by Jennifer Beck to get a map art of Vancouver. I have a thing for maps; I love pouring over them and looking at the jumble of streets and buildings that make up our cities. And Vancouver is especially fun, with its little downtown bit sticking out of False Creek and the topping of Stanley Park.

The map I received is in a gorgeous black and white print on high-quality paper. It hangs vertically, which is perfect for creating the illusion of a higher ceiling (I also write about home decor!). I’m personally more minimalist when it comes to decor, so I love the black and white. It’s the firstĀ real piece of decoration I have in my apartment, and I’m really glad I have it.

You can order your own map in different shades and sizes here. Thanks to Jennifer for her generous offer, and I hope you’ll support her work!

I received a free map from the artist. All opinions are my own.


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