Have a pressing sex, kink or relationship question? Want a compassionate ear, an empathic point of view? Ask me!

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It hasn’t been obvious in my writings, but in September I’m going back to university to become a kink- and poly-friendly couples and family counsellor. (Maybe a full psychologist, but that’s another choice I’ll have to make down the road.) The purpose of this blog is, in part, to develop a voice and an audience so one day, when I write books, people will want to read them.

But one undeniable part of being a counsellor/therapist is dealing directly with people, and although I kind of do deal with people in the context of my writing here, it’s mostly mediated through my experience of them.

My friends often come to me for listening or advice. My Zen practice has given me the chance to develop a more compassionate ear, and by being more compassionate with myself I can also interact with others with more empathy. I can also give someone a more distant point of view… and I know how to ask the right questions.

Again: I’m not a therapist. At least not yet. But I’d love to be of more direct help to you, because I want to learn how to do it better.

And don’t worry: if I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll ask someone who does. Have a question about topping, or dude stuff? I’ll ask a top or a dude.

For now I’ll answer questions as they come, but eventually I’d love to have a weekly post answering two or three questions every week.

Do you have a burning sex, kink or relationship question? Let me know. Maybe I can help?

Good advice? Helpful information? Thank me with a coffee!