God, don’t we all sometimes just want to be fucked raw? Yeah, that’s pretty much me right now.


No, really.

I do.

I’ve had the worst luck with my sex life since leaving M. I left him because we had no sex. And for other reasons. And now I’m having the hardest time finding lovers.

I fail to connect with date after date. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s them. And even when there is a connection, well, nobody owes you sex, so if they don’t want to have sex with you, you can’t force them. Cause that would be rape. And rape is bad, mmkay?

Remember that, people!

Anywho, I’m feeling more and more these days that I deserve to be fucked. Not just made love to, but fucked. Sweaty, grunting, screaming sex that sets your every nerve on fire and that you feel to the very tip of your hair. The kind where you scratch and bite and growl and heave. Crazy animal sex, primal and primordial.

I never was one for sweet, slow sex (although it can be nice once in a while, if you’re tired or something). To me, it just doesn’t feel like much at all. I need hard thrusting and slaps and a hand around my throat, nails digging in my skin, teeth crushing my flesh to make me feel something. Feel something that takes me beyond my body, into some kind of airy realm where all thoughts and emotions dissolve.

There is only the rush of pain and pleasure, mixed together.

Basically: connected sex that raises my temperature.

I usually alternate between two kinds of sex: the one where I’m defenceless, somehow tied up or restrained in some way. That turns me on, especially if there was a beating or some other kind of kinky play before. The second, the one I just described. The one where I can fight and participate, defend myself and let myself be taken, only to resist again.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been fucked that way. These days it’s basically just my Magic Wand (fucking get one right now if you don’t have one!) and my imagination. I’m not a big fan of dildo penetration, personally–I don’t find it satisfying for more than a minute or two. (Ladies with dildo experience, might be nice to hear your advice here!)

So yeah, I’ve been craving a good, raw fuck that leaves me aching and sore in the morning (or maybe two or three raw fucks that leave me sore for a day?) My personal disposition, sadly, isn’t towards hookup sex, so I can’t really do that either.

That’s how I think I deserve to be fucked.

How do you think deserve to be fucked? I’d love to hear your stories.

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