Who likes media appearances? I do! 😀 


In this rather shitty week of self-doubt, crippling anxiety (so bad that I’ve had to self-medicate with painkillers in order to just sit still in class), and lessons learned (never again, XOJane), I’ve got plenty of good news.

First, a new client! Maybe I can eat next month!

Second, I was contacted to join a chat on an internet radio show called What Is Love? to talk about polyamory. The host saw my response to Arden Leigh‘s Facebook statement about poly and invited me to appear on the show.

The show is this Sunday at 4PM ET (1PM Pacific for my West Coast readers), and you can listen live by visiting Radio Free Brooklyn’s homepage.

Third, an old post of mine on my eponymous website was picked up by Thought Catalog, which is awesome.

The universe always balances itself, and sometimes it balances itself around you.


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