It’s September! And with back to school, you get new books… And I have two to give away!

As of writing this, school begins in a week. I’m so excited. I loved my summer classes, but after a month off I’m ready to get back into the school swing of things.

And for me, back to school means NEW BOOKS! When I studied literature, I would peruse the list of novels, poetry and plays I would read throughout the semester, and be really, really excited.

Even though most of what I read in psychology is textbooks and research articles, I still enjoy the early excitement about all this new information.

Happily, I can share some of that excitement with you today, thanks to my awesome Back to School Sex and Relationships Book Giveaway!

Okay, that’s a long title to say that I have two books to give away to lucky readers. All you have to do to participate is get on my email list. Simple, right?

Book 1: Designer Relationships by Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson

designer relationships book cover

When I reached out to Cleis Press about throwing a giveaway together, they happily provided a copy of this wonderful book: Designer Relationships: A guide to happy monogamy, positive polyamory, and optimistic open relationships.

If you’re new to polyamory and open relationships, I strongly recommend you begin with this book, before moving on to more specialized things. It’s a great beginner’s guide that busts some myths, describes all the kinds of relationships that people actually engage in, and gives you some tips to make it happen.

But the most important lesson in this book–and one that I am more and more convinced is the secret to happier, more stable relationships–is that relationships should be conscious and intentional. By that, I mean that before entering in a commitment of any kind, you should spend time making sure that your values and understanding of each other’s roles in the relationship match up. (Research shows that matching values ensure medium-term happiness, while matching roles ensure long-term happiness). This means engaging in a self-aware search for what you value, what you want, and what you expect out of the relationship.

This book will certainly help you on your way to that. It will give you paths towards examining which harmful myths you’re buying into, what kind of relationship you really want, and the communication skills to make it happen.

Cleis Press has an amazing range of sex-positive, pro-non-monogamy books that range from kinky guides to relationship advice to awesome erotica. I enjoy their newsletter, and I believe you would too.

Book 2: Sex that Works by Wendy Strgar

sex that works: an intimate guide to awakening your erotic life by wendy strgar

When I received the PR pitch for that book, I wasn’t sure what to make of the “loveologist” title that Strgar gives herself. But Sex that Works: An intimate guide to awakening your erotic life surprised me by its depth, its compassion, and its excellent combination of personal experience and research.

This book isn’t about sexual techniques. You won’t learn anything about how to give better blowjobs or cunnilingus. It’s more about leading a life that frees your erotic self, that integrates eroticism into the everyday so that you can have deeper, more pleasurable sex down the road.

I appreciated how Strgar presents sex as a natural, desirable part of life. It’s not something that should be separated. Even though you’re not always expressing your eroticism, the erotic is indeed part of our everyday experiences, and noticing it can help you not only get rid of sexual shame, but also enrich your sex life. Learning how to pay attention to your senses, how to be curious, how to approach sex with courage, and how to develop gratitude are not only good for your sex life, but for life in general.

The giveaway

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If, like me, you love new books, you should totally enter. I promise you that either of these books will be a wonderful addition to your library.

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