Indigo gives us more details about her Couch to 24 training plan.


24 Orgasms in 24 Hours is the challenge I’ve set myself. As I have a few sports coaching courses in my backstory, I’ve developed a training plan for myself which is not too different from what I might prepare for an athletic goal. Working backwards from the November 4 Indigeo Conception, I’ve got to give my body a chance to adapt to a higher intensity and duration of “exercise”, specifically with the muscle groups that will be getting used.

August 2-7, 8-14, 15-21

Theme – general fitness and cardio training outside the bedroom, with 3-5 sessions per week of 4-6 orgasms. This period is about laying the base of skill/technique and trying out different stimuli.

August 22-28, August 29-Sept 4, Sept 5-11

Increasing volume 3x each week, trying to hit 10 orgasms in a day at least once a week, while keeping a minimum of 3 a day to build up endurance. This is also the time when I’ll be upping my cardio training outside the bedroom, because I have some sports goals happening as well, and in fact I have a race on Sept 10.

Sept 12-18, 19-25, 26-Oct 2

This is going to be an incredibly busy time in my professional life, so I’ll be calling it “interval training”—bursts of heavy sexual activity with 10-12 orgasms in a day, possibly even up to 14 in a day, but only once a week. Maintaining 1-2 per day on the other days, just so I can sleep y’know.

Oct 3-9, 10-16, 17-23

Increase volume dramatically – 2 days per week of at least 10¬†orgasms, and at least one day each week with 14-16. On that final weekend I’ll be doing a race in my “sporting life” so I will end up fairly tired physically, after which I’ll attempt a session of 6-8 orgasms just to simulate that final session on my day of 24 when I’m tuckered out.

Oct 24-30, Nov 1-4

Taper period from Oct 24 to about the 29—reducing sexual contact gradually while maintaining stimuli such as reading, etc. to get me rarin’ to go and making sure there’s no issue with overstimulation. I will probably aim for October 30 as the Day of Action. The remainder of the week will be self-care and journaling!

This is freakin’ hilarious.

I hope you’re laughing your head off, because I sure am. If there was ever ANY doubt in ANYONE’s mind that I have a goal-oriented personality, this should pretty much erase that. *snicker*

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