Indigo shares the techniques she’ll use to get her 24 orgasms in 24 hours.


24 Orgasms in 24 Hours… This is my mission. Previous posts have discussed the reasons why I’m doing this, and my training plan leading up to the fateful day – probably October 30.

Now, it’s good to have a general idea of HOW one is going to reach one’s goals. Otherwise it’s just pipe dreams, right? So I started making a list of all the different ways that I’m confident I can have an orgasm fairly predictably. I’ve got a pretty good variety, but in the interests of building community, I thought I’d leave the door open for some suggestions. The people who provide the successful ideas *may* be asked to participate, although don’t hold your breath because I might be polyamorous and willing to write about all this, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

24 Ways

  • Nipple Stimulation
  • Clitoral Stimulation
  • Masturbation
    • reading an erotica story, using one hand
    • read story, using both hands
    • watch video
  • Fingering (by partner)
    • while reading story, pretending to resist/not notice
    • with nipple stimulation, arms over head
  • Toys
    • Lelo pink vibrator
    • Hitachi wand (count for 2 or 3!)
    • Sybian ride (clitoral)
    • shower head spray
    • lying under bath tap
  • Cunnilingus
    • While in bondage
    • Straight up (pick any position)
  • Vaginal Stimulation
  • Fingering/Digital Penetration
    • standing (potentially in bondage)
    • on hands and knees
    • lying down on back
  • Toys
    • vibrating dildo
    • Sybian dildo attachment
  • Genital Penetration
    • missionary style
    • doggie style (good for 2 or 3!)
    • standing

With the exception of the Sybian, which I’ve never had the good fortune to try out but am looking forward to, I’ve made all of the above work for me. What shall I add?

Hard limit – I don’t do anal. So don’t bother with those suggestions.

Good advice? Helpful information? Thank me with a coffee!