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What To Do When You Fuck Up

Do you know what to do when you hurt someone’s feelings? When we hurt a loved one, we’re often at a loss for what to do to bring things back to how they were before. Here’s how a recent event in my life taught me how to be more compassionate and kind when I hurt someone’s feelings.

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How To Be Lonely

“I’m lonely. How can I feel less lonely?” Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world… but also one we must come to understand and accept if we are to have meaningful relationships with others.

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Do Not Spare Me From Pain

Pain and suffering are two different things. When you don’t embrace and process pain, you suffer. I do not want to be spared pain, because I don’t want anyone to make that choice for me.

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Meet Ani…

Hi! I'm Ani: a kinky feminist, chronic oversharer, essayist and eternal student.

I believe that telling our stories is a powerful act that lets us connect to each other.

These are my stories about relationships, sex, kink, psychology, life... pretty much everything.

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