It’s been a while, so a little catch-up is due!


All right, here I go again. The Summer 100 Challenge is on, and I’m trying again this year. I’ve recently rededicated myself to spending more time reading and writing, so it’s the perfect timing.

I know most people don’t really give a damn whether I write or not, but I find that this long silence has been helpful for me to deal with the general messiness of my life. Also, I wasn’t really intellectually there for any writing, so I guess I needed the break?

A little catch-up on my life since February


I’m finishing my BA major in psychology this summer–with a full course load–and entering my Master’s in Public Health in late August. No vacation for Ani. I am very excited, though. The advantage of the MPH over a more academic field is that I can get a job at the end of it, since it’s a professional degree, and I can still access PhDs at the end of it.

However, I am currently in the last stretch of a history course I am taking as an elective, History of Sexuality, and damn, do I miss the humanities. It’s like meeting an old friend you hadn’t seen in ten years and catching up as if you’d seen each other only yesterday. And somehow, I find myself much more able to grasp the meaning and the importance of the theories I am studying. Compared to 8 years ago when I didn’t care a whit about critical theory, now I cannot get enough of it. It’s an interesting shift in my intellectual development that tells me I should pursue this more intently.


Meh. I’ve been doing what I can to survive but my difficulty in writing anything means my work has fallen away somehow. I’m going to try to catch up, maybe try to write things for better publications, and write about things I actually care about.

I volunteer regularly at the Island Sexual Health Society, and I will begin volunteering for the Anti-Violence Project soon as well. I find that volunteering has brought a lot of value to my life, over and above the CV benefits.

A lot of the things I have been thinking about lately have been spurred by conversations and readings I did for the AVP training, so I want to state how thankful I am to have been part of this summer’s training session. I has improved my life in innumerable ways.


I’m still only seeing E. at this time, and it’s more than enough for me. We have a standing date once a week and I find that I like this rhythm. I don’t currently have the energy or time to deal with another relationship, although sometimes I find myself longing for an intimate feminine presence in my life.


I was recently told I “wear my 200 pounds really well”. It’s a compliment, I guess? I have been lax on exercise and eating. I have gained weight. I’m not super happy about it, to be honest. But I’m also taking steps to increase my activity levels by biking semi-regularly. I have yet to find a good route to school, though, because I live in a super hilly town and there’s this GIANT hill on the way to campus that scares the heck out of me.

My depression is under control. I experimented with a new medication over the fall and winter, only to realize I needed to go back to my previous (if uninsured) medication because I could not tolerate the new one. It costs more money, but at least I don’t want to throw myself in front of a bus?

What’s in the future?

Photo by Daniel Zacatenco on Unsplash

I have lots of ideas for posts in the next couple of weeks, including a series about building healthy kink communities using a framework I am currently building. Lots of my writing this summer will be about the basic pillars of this framework.

The Summer 100 Challenge has some themes to help us write interesting stuff, so I’ll be trying to write things along them, or at least try. For example, the theme right now is Masturbation/Self-Pleasure/Self-Care.

My next post will be about how silence is self-care too, and that we don’t need to be doing stuff to care for ourselves. Stay tuned!

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