Big news today: cannabis is officially legal in Canada! A short look at my experiences and thoughts on this topic.

close up of cannabis plant

Today’s not really a sex-related post, but it’s important news nonetheless: cannabis is legal in Canada!

Today’s 4:20 celebration on my campus (already famous for its Wednesday 4:20 celebrations) will be something to behold.

I don’t have a long history with cannabis. The first time I smoked pot was when I was 22 or 23. I was out with my bestie Gab and another friend of hers. It had been a while since we’d been clubbing, and it was like when we were 19 all over again. By that time I was already dating M., and I knew he had a strong anti-drug attitude. But I smoked anyway, and I didn’t tell him. That was the first, and only time, I had pot in my 20s.

Fast forward a decade or so, and here I am, struggling to remain sober amidst major life changes, financial difficulties, and, well, just life. I had been experimenting a little bit with using distillate, but the dose was difficult to control, and it was a crapshoot whether I would green out or not. A friend of mine then mentioned that a local store sold THC gummies (somewhat of a grey area in my town, as edibles have been banned by my local health authority).

Between my abstinence from alcohol and my growing addiction to T1s (codeine-laced Tylenol), these gummies were a godsend. I stopped swallowing T1s in handfuls of 6 twice or three times a day. But Tylenol is just as bad for your liver, so I was causing continuous harm by abusing T1s.

After my doctor told me about my liver condition, I told her I would start using cannabis. I did a little research: THC is apparently protective of the liver. So not only can I use a now-legal substance, but it may actually help me heal from years of binge drinking. I use it after particularly stressful days, or when going out to events. Cannabis makes me more sociable and reduces my fatigue related to socializing.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that although my thoughts sort of slow down, they become crystal clear. My imagination is heightened. Every sensation becomes sharper. It’s a great addition to kinky play, especially at parties where I may worry about the public aspect of it.

Researchers and public health professionals are actually considering cannabis as a way to help deal with the opioid crisis. As someone who teetered on the edge of an opioid habit, cannabis brought me something I could use safely, affordably, and mostly (now fully!) legally. It helped me get off T1s and helps me stay off alcohol.

I have healthy coping mechanisms: masturbation, reading, TV, meditation. But sometimes none of these things really help with the physical and mental anguish I get from stress and depression. That’s when I reach out for a tiny piece of THC gummy, flavoured in raspberry or black cherry. I grab some food, get comfy in my couch nest, turn on some TV, and drift off as my limbs become lead.

Honestly, it’s pretty amazing.

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