Welcome to the first week of Ani suggests! Every Sunday you will find a selection of the best sex, relationship, kink and feminism-related stories I found online. Happy reading!

Here’s your weekly selection of sex, relationship and kink-related reads.

The Guardian analyzes the love song. Is it dead? Did sex kill it? Apparently, songs are now more about sex than about love, according to new research. I don’t listen to pop music anymore, but maybe that’s just grouchy X-Geners getting old?

Mashable reports on an artist who covers graffiti dicks with graffiti condoms. Guerrilla safe sex promotion for the win!

Surprising piece on findom from the International Business Times. Whether or not that’s your thing, still a good read.

My Buddhist mind rebels against the very thought (THERE IS NO SELF!!!) but still, interesting phenomenon reviewed in ATTN: about self-marriage, or sologamy. Maybe I should just marry myself.

The Hairpin is its usual quirky self with a great analysis of an interesting film trope: women masturbating before murder.

I so relate to this Establishment piece by Tina Horn about masochism. Yup, I purge my fear of pain through consensually going through it.

NPR writes a short report showing how unconventional, non-monogamous relationships abound in TV land. I’m still waiting for a normalized, non-weird representation of non-monogamy, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy The Magicians double-marriage.

Wonder Woman as dominatrix? Totally. Oregon Public Broadcasting posts a discussion of Wonder Woman’s kinky side.

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