This week: how relaxed can you be, talking kink on a first date, squirting is peeing, and other great stuff.

Relaxing for anal sex apparently isn’t all that is needed, according to Tanya Marie of Take Back Your Sex. I loled.

A question on And That’s Why You’re Single brings up an interesting conundrum: how open can you be about sex (especially kink) on a first date with men?

Emma Lindsay summarizes a recent study about female ejaculation. Apparently, it’s pee (or at least something that comes out of the bladder), so can we stop arguing already?

If you’re on the pill and bleeding every month, you can thank the Catholic Church, mostly. An interesting history of periods and the pill by Stephanie Buck on Medium will make you rage (if you needed more reasons to rage) against male doctors and the patriarchal organization that is the Catholic Church. Because apparently we don’t actually need to have periods if we’re on the pill.

Challenge your perception of dominatrices with this wonderful series of portraits by German photographer Max Eicke in The Independent.

Mrs Sexy regales us with recent terrible messages she’s been receiving from men on Meet Me.

Feeling young at heart improves your sex life as you age, according to new research. Report on Newsweek.

I have all sorts of feelings about this. I mean, I guess the guy giving money to Planned Parenthood is going to help, but is he really changing his attitude or just getting his rocks off? I find this really problematic.

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