This week: gender and emotion expression, respect as the cornerstone of relationships, and yet another study linking marriage and health.

All right, I’m catching up with my reading and newsletters this week as I close yet another two intense weeks of classes followed by two exams. Two weeks left, then a little vacation, then another 4-week course, then a month off (with a week in Montréal) before IT ALL STARTS OVER AGAIN.

Not sure if I should weep.

Anyway. On to my suggestions.

Are women more expressive than men? Not exactly. New crowdsourced and machine-coded research shows that women express more positive emotions, while men express more anger and/or confusion. The researchers aren’t sure, either.

A marriage and family therapist ponders: why do we care about respect so much in relationships? Maybe because it’s the soil on which trust grows. Good read.

Another piece of medical research that supports the multiple previous ones about marriage and health. Married people are healthier. But it might just be because they have a partner to help care for them. In any case, this is another correlational research. Marriage does not literally cause health.

I saw this research pop up in several publications I read, but I hadn’t really looked at the data. Apparently, people in open or poly relationships are less sexually satisfied than monogamists. But the difference between monogamous and non-monogamous couples is 11%—and there were only 275 respondents that were non-monogamous on the 11,000 total. So, take it with a grain of salt.

I follow Mayim Bialik on Facebook, and I usually like her scientific stance on things, but I had real issues with her open relationships comments. This post on Patheos puts a finger on a lot of things that bothered me.

I used to do this all the time in the last, terrible months of my relationship with M.: fantasize about what it would be like to be single again. And it’s living up to the hype!

I think I want to listen to this podcast forever. With a name like Coffee and Anal, it can’t NOT be good.

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