This week: blowjob love, tracking limbs in erotica, losing stuff in your vage, and more.

My first suggestion this week is the, ahem, suggestive post by Victoria of Pretty Pink Lotus Bud about blowjobs. I have a complicated relationship with fellatio, personally, but I love reading another point of view!

When you write erotica, it’s hard to keep track of arms and legs, apparently. Isabelle Lauren shares her challenges.

Many people can relate to this tale of losing something in your vagina, by Taryn of Ace In The Hole. I’ve gone fishing for many a condom myself over the years.

So this week, I read an advance copy of Kitty Striker‘s Ask: Building Consent Culture, and this post by Kristin Hambridge about children and boundaries really resonates with one of the essays in the book. If we want children with strong bodily autonomy, we cannot force them into physical contact they don’t want to have.

According to a recent poll by Gallup, Americans are more sexually liberal than ever. But apparently, 57% of them still think abortion is immoral, so… we gots lots of work to do people!

Forgiving yourself is an essential part of moving on from past trauma and dysfunctional behaviour. August McLaughlin, a wonderful blogger and podcaster, shares some advice on how to do just that.

Mansplaining. We all hate it. Here’s a good piece on it, by Alaura Weaver.

Tanya Marie of Take Back Your Sex explains how she and her husband fell into swinging. I always find these personal stories of discovery and transformation interesting.

The proportion of people identifying at LGBTQ is increasing in the US, Justin Lehmiller reports. Yay for cross-sectional studies!

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