I’m just a poor girl from a poor family!

Well, not really, but hosting a website costs money (domain name, server space, professional themes, etc.), so I have a few affiliate links throughout the site.

If you’d like to buy anything I recommend or talk about, please use the links from my posts or sidebar. I get a commission from each sale, which helps me:

  • Keep this website up
  • Feed my cat and myself (she comes first, of course)
  • Keep a roof over my head
  • Buy sexy and kinky stuff so I can tell you about them
  • And all the other wonderful things that money can do in this world

If you ask those who know me, I’m not a greedy girl. When I have extra money, I usually share my wealth with others by helping friends when they’re in trouble. I’m not looking to get rich here–I just like to eat! And buy food for other people! Mostly sushi! (Hmmmmm sushi.)

So thank you, at least, for not being upset with my trying to stay alive and have more sexy experiences. And thank you for supporting your favourite bloggers if you do decide to buy some stuff!


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